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The main advantage of Papirus is that it can automatically convert iSeries spool files into graphically-enhanced Microsoft Word documents. Word is one of the most popular document formats, so once a spool has been converted into a DOC file, you can direct it anywhere – fax, email, office printers and file folders – and easily convert it to any other format.

Common Applications

  • Conversion - convert "invoices", "packing lists" and other iSeries spooled files from your native iSeries application into graphically-enhanced Microsoft Word documents. You can then print the files, fax them, email them, or put them on the Web.
  • Building complex documents - add an opening letter or appendixes with fields that are extracted from the spool.
  • Archiving - convert you spools into Microsoft Word documents, for archiving on a PC workstation or server. Combined with the Papirus Image Module, this allows you to save documents in an image format such as TIFF, commonly used in optical archives.
  • Creating labels - extract fields from the spool, and print it through a Papirus template, formatted as a label. Combined with the Barcode Module, this allows you to print labels with barcode lines.


  • Saves paper, toner and communication costs - the Word Module can send output directly by email or fax, and so it eliminates redundant printing and the need for pre-printed paper.
  • Saves programming time - no need to spend money on programmers to modify the spool format. The Word Module allows anyone with basic knowledge of Microsoft Word to define how output should look.
  • Uses your existing spool – no need to modify the spools, which is a relatively complex operation. The Word Module takes information from the existing spools and positions it anywhere – just position an indicator in the Microsoft Word template.
  • Easy to redesign forms - output formats are defined using Microsoft Word, a familiar word processor, so there is no need to spend time learning new design tools.
  • Improved output style and quality – pictures and other graphical elements can be added to the output document, and text can be set in an attractive and readable manner.

How It Works

The spool reformatting process begins with a base template, created in Microsoft Word. The template is just like a regular Word document, only it has placeholders that are replaced by data from the spool.

For example, the template may have the text “Dear ~nnn~, we wanted to inform you that…” – where ~nnn~ is a placeholder for a “name” field. The data extracted from the spool (in this case, the customer’s name), will appear in the final document in the same position, and in the same font, style, size and color, as its placeholder.

Field placeholders may be used for more than just a text string. In fact, any rectangle from the spool can be extracted and embedded in a position specified in the template. Papirus Rulers help you to define which spool areas should be extracted, and which fonts should be used for them in the Word file.

Papirus Rulers can also activate special processing features such as Table Analysis, which recognizes tables in the spool and converts them into real Microsoft Word tables, and Paragraph Analysis, which automatically applies paragraph settings like Shading, line-spacing, background and foreground colors, and much more.

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