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HTML Module

The HTML module translates AS/400 spool files into HTML documents, which can be saved directly to an Internet or Intranet server, using FTP. HTML files can be graphically enhanced, with customized fonts, colors, tables, hyperlinks and embedded images.

Common Uses

  • Cross-platform sharing – the HTML Module creates files that can be opened in Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and any other system running a web browser.
  • Internet publishing - allows you to publish information from the AS/400 directly to the Internet, for users who are not allowed into the AS/400.
  • Updating the Intranet - with the HTML Module, you can make AS/400 information, such as inventory levels, product availability and financial reports, easily accessible by all internal users.


  • Switches users from emulations to web browsers - in some organizations many users only log on to the AS/400 to read reports. Bringing these reports into the company Intranet makes AS/400 allows users to switch to web browsers. The result is reduced training cost, reduced software expenditures (because web browsers are free), and a friendlier environment for users.
  • Easy access to AS/400 information - exporting data to the web allows access for those who do not have direct access to the AS/400. People who are unfamiliar or afraid of the OS/400 environment, who do not have emulation software, or who cannot be given access for security reasons, can now have easy access to AS/400 data.
  • Security – many IT managers believe that opening the AS/400 to the web is risky. Papirus HTML imports files into the PC network, which is generally protected by a firewall. In addition, the Papirus PC server offers an extra layer of security between the outside world and your AS/400 database – hackers must penetrate the web server, the Papirus server, and then the AS/400’s own defenses.
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