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Fax Module

The Fax module takes spools that have been reformatted by the Word Module, and faxes them automatically. Papirus provides standard faxing features - automatic redials, cover pages and more – and allows any user to view the status of faxes from any green-screen, and resend or re-route them. Above all, the Papirus design engine means that faxes can be formatted with customized fonts, colors, tables and graphics.
The Fax Module allows end-users to send faxes manually, by specifying what to send and to whom. Alternatively, faxes can be sent automatically: Papirus gets the sending parameters (recipient's number, subject line, etc.) from data fields in the spool or from external CMG commands. A scheduling feature allows faxes to be sent at regular intervals or when discount rates apply.

Common Applications

  • Automated faxing - Papirus saves the need to printing invoices or packing lists and then manually fax them. The Fax Module can automatically fax documents when discount rates apply.
  • Replacing mail with fax – it is now accepted practice to send certain types of business documents, such as purchase orders, pro forma invoices or packing lists, by fax. Instead of using slow, costly delivery, fax it with Papirus.


  • Saves labor and communication costs - Papirus does not require end-users to physically operate a fax machine, and can send faxes during non-peak hours. This reduces the amount of work associated with sending documents and saves telephony costs.
  • Visually attractive faxes - the Papirus design engine allows you to send graphically enhanced documents directly from AS/400 applications, with your company logo, drawings, customized fonts, etc.
  • Reduces human error – when faxes are send manually, wrong numbers can be dialed and pages can be forgotten or mis-fed. Papirus derives destination numbers from the database and sends faxes automatically using a robust fax server.
  • Reliability - Papirus keeps accurate track of all the faxes sent, reports transmission errors and line-busy signals, and redials automatically when these occur.
  • High speed and capacity - a single Papirus Server can process up to 1,200 pages per hour, using up to 24 telephone lines to fax. Capacity can be increased further by running several Papirus Fax servers in parallel.
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