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Email Module

The Email Module seamlessly sends AS/400 data (files or spools) directly to any email recipient, either as an attachment or as an inline message. When combined with other Papirus Modules, the Email Module can send documents in a variety of formats, from “open” formats like Word, Excel or HTML to "closed" formats like PDF and TIFF. Above all, the Papirus design engine means that emails can be formatted with customized fonts, colors, tables and graphics.
The Email Module allows end-users to send emails manually, by specifying what to send and to whom. Alternatively, emails can be sent automatically: Papirus gets the sending parameters (email address, CC, subject line, etc.) from data fields in the spool or from external CMG commands.

Possible Applications

  • Replacing snail-mail with email – it is now accepted practice to send certain types of business documents, such as purchase orders, pro forma invoices or packing lists, by email. Instead of using slow, costly delivery, email it with Papirus.
  • Replacing fax with email - if customers don’t require “hardcopy”, it is faster, cheaper and more convenient to email them with Papirus.


  • Saves communication costs – email is substantially cheaper than fax and mail. In fact, the cost of sending an additional Email message is virtually zero.
  • Allows sending editable documents – Papirus can send recipients editable documents, in Word, Excel or HTML format. This is convenient for the recipient because the information can be “copied and pasted”, instead of being manually keyed in.
  • Enables forwarding and copying – emails can easily be sent to multiple recipients and forwarded to interested parties.
  • Saves time - emails are sent instantly; sending a large number of them saves hours compared with fax, weeks compared with snail-mail. Emails can also include large quantities of data: a 2MB email can hold as many as 35 pages of text.
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