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Checks Module

The Checks Module allows you to print checks on plain paper, by means of magnetic print (MICR). Using special toner on standard laser printers, Papirus can print the entire check, including variable data (sum, recipient etc.), fixed data (company logo, bank logo, etc.) and magnetically-coded data (account number, check number and branch number). The information is taken directly from the AS/400 spool. The Checks Module can add a barcode as well, ensuring that your checks can be read whether the bank uses optical or magnetic verification.

Common Application

  • Checks – when combined with other Papirus modules, the Checks Module allows you to print a graphically-formatted check, including the magnetic strip, directly from an AS/400 terminal.


  • No need for special paper or pre-printed checks - the Checks Module prints checks on plain paper; the only requirement is special toner.
  • No misaligned printing – pre-printed checks can become unaligned, making the check unusable and requiring lengthy removal and verification procedures. The Papirus Checks Module ensures there are no misprints, because all the information is printed directly on a blank slip.
  • No need for specialists - with standard MICR technology, only a specialist can design new checks (e.g. for a new bank account) and make changes to existing ones. With the Papirus Checks Module, check design and changes are done in Microsoft Word: a new Check only requires one more Word template.
  • Improved security - no need to have blank checks lying around the office. The Papirus Checks Module prints directly on blank paper.
  • No manual feeding - when working with multiple checks, you don't need to feed different pre-prints each time. All you need is to feed blank paper, and the check is printed with the correct format and details.
  • Easier archiving – combined with other Papirus modules, the Checks Module allows you to save a copy of each checks in a library on the network.
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