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Barcode Module

The Barcode Module makes it easy to implement barcodes, for fast, error-free data input. Papirus easily integrates barcodes into AS/400 printouts – and because it is a software–based solution, it runs on any printer.
Papirus supports all standard barcoding techniques, from the simplest (12, 2/5 interleave) to the most complex (39, 128), and requires no changes to the spool or the application.

Common Applications

  • Labels and envelopes - print bar-coded labels for products directly from AS/400.
  • Electronic tracking - print documents (such as packing lists or purchase orders) with barcodes, so that they can be fed to the database quickly and accurately.
  • Price tags - print your own barcode price tags for retail items that were not barcoded by the manufacturer.


  • Eliminates the need to print barcodes separately – instead of printing barcoded labels and then sticking them on documents, Papirus allows you to print them as part of the document.
  • No more dedicated barcode printers - the Barcode Module prints barcodes on any document, using any printer, including laser and ink-jets.
  • No more obsolete SIMM cards - printing barcodes using a SIMM card means you're locked into a particular printer's model and make, and cannot switch or upgrade. Papirus is completely software-based, so it works seamlessly with any printer on the network.
  • Flexible and inexpensive - the Barcode Module is so easy to configure and use that barcodes can be managed in-house, shortening procedures and saving money spent on printing and logistics experts.
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