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API Module

The Papirus API (Application Programming Interface) allows Papirus modules to be activated by AS/400 applications directly, bypassing spool files altogether.
The API includes a set of simple AS/400 routines, which allow applications to feed information into a Microsoft Word template, and then distribute or print them using other Papirus modules.
It is important to note that unlike other Papirus modules, the API requires AS/400 programming knowledge.

Common Applications

  • Creating Word documents without spools - designing a spool is costly and time-consuming. Using the Papirus API, you can program Papirus to derive all the variables from the AS/400 database, and merge them into the template document, without generating a single spool.
  • Adding parameters for existing spools - a programmer can supplement spool data with information derived from other routines. For example, if a purchase-order spool is currently being printed with the Word Module, and you want to fax it with the Fax Module, the API interface allows you to derive the fax number from the database without changing the original spool.


  • Better performance - by bypassing the need to create spool files, the Papirus API saves system resources, improving performance by 10-20%.
  • Powerful distribution - the API enhances Papirus performance, because transferring parameters to the PC is done in parallel by many jobs, instead of only relying only on the main Papirus Job.
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