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Trade & Retail

The challenges of managing a complex supply chain, and working with large numbers of sales outlets, customers and products, require flexible output solutions and effortless document distribution. Papirus offers these and more, lowering costs and boosting efficiency at companies that sell directly to consumers.

Industry solutions

  • Labels – Papirus can produce labels of any size, with barcodes and customer details.
  • Promotional materials – Papirus can automatically send out information about new products and special offers, by fax or e-mail. Customers can be segmented by any field in the AS/400 database.
  • Sale stickers – Papirus can produce stickers for on-sale items, in different formats and sizes.
  • Operations management – Papirus can send notification of operational problems and supply errors by fax.
  • Accounting – Papirus can print checks with an encoded data strip; send receipts, rebate notices and supplier invoices directly by fax; and store this information in a searchable archive.


Trade & Retail


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