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Insurance Case Study: AIG

AIG is an international insurance company, operating in over 130 countries. Its Israeli subsidiary is AIG Golden Insurance Ltd.

The Business Challenge

AIG Golden Insurance makes use of AS/400 output in numerous departments: accounting, claims, service and sales. The following difficulties were encountered:

  • Documents were sometimes printed from green AS/400 terminals, in an unattractive format.
  • There was no way to automatically send documents by e-mail from the AS/400 terminals, or to fax them without printing first.
  • Time, paper and toner were wasted in unnecessary print jobs. Manual printing, mailing and faxing increased the chance of human error.
  • AS/400 printouts were unattractive and difficult to read.
  • Numeric reports had to be manually copied from the AS/400 printout, in order to analyze them in Excel. This wasted time and resulted in frequent human error.


In 2001, AIG Golden Insurance purchased Papirus, and is using the Word, Excel, Image, Fax and Email modules.

Papirus has simplified distribution of AS/400 output. Today, employees can print AS/400 data from green-screen terminals directly to their office printer. If documents need to be sent to customers, they can be dispatched automatically by fax or e-mail. Papirus automatically splits large spools into individual documents.
For data analysis purposes, AS/400 data can now be received in Excel format, to a specified network folder – with no manual data entry.
Benefits to AIG: Lower Costs and Improved Corporate Documents

  • Lower administrative costs – automation has reduced the paper, toner and labor needed to produce AS/400 output. Employees no longer need to print documents first and wait by the fax machine for them to be sent.
  • Higher productivity – because data can be output to Excel, staff do not need to manually copy AS/400 data.
  • Attractive, well structured documents – AS/400 output can now contain the latest corporate imagery and marketing messages. Whenever operational requirements change, AIG can easily redefine document formats using Word-based templates.



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