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Insurance companies use large quantities of complex documents to communicate with customers and employees: life and health insurance policies, auto insurance forms, claims forms, agent reports, and so on. Papirus makes it much easier to print and distribute these documents from AS/400, saving time and money.

Industry solutions

  • Packaged printing of policies and appendixes – Papirus can put together policy sections and appendixes according to each customer’s profile. The complete policy is automatically packaged into one document, and sent to the customer or agent by fax or e-mail. It can also be stored in an archive for easy electronic retrieval.
  • Payment vouchers – Papirus makes it more convenient for customers to pay insurance premiums, and saves costs, by automatically printing a payment voucher with the customer’s details and payment details (such as a credit card number). This reduces the need to pre-print vouchers, and produces an electronic record of payment that can be accessed later.
  • Automatic distribution – Papirus can send forms and other documents to customers or agents, by fax or e-mail, directly from the AS/400. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are taken from designated fields in the database. Faxes are sent in batches when discount rates apply, saving telephony costs.
  • Large spool segmentation – Papirus takes large, unwieldy AS/400 print spools, and splits them into separate documents, making it much easier to work with the data.
  • Policy renewal reminders – Papirus can automatically remind customers, by fax or e-mail, to renew their policy when it expires. It can also send out periodic mailings about special offers to customers in relevant market segments.
  • Visual enhancement – AS400 output is often unattractive and difficult to read. Papirus improves corporate image and customer satisfaction by allowing easy reformatting and redesign of forms, policies and reports – with no programming effort.

Case Study

Before and after reformatted outputs

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