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Industrial and construction firms make critical use of information during projects, and need to communicate effectively with contractors and customers. Papirus makes it easier to analyze technical and financial data, and enables effortless distribution of contracts, correspondence and promotional materials to customers.

Industry solutions

  • Product information – Papirus allows product data to be printed with an image of the product as well as a catalog number.
  • Data analysis – Papirus can deliver AS/400 data as an Excel file, allowing inventory and other information to be easily analyzed.
  • Automatic form-filling – Papirus prints government forms with the customer or project details already filled in. The information is taken from designated fields in the AS/400 database.
  • Accounting – Papirus can send receipts, rebate notices and supplier invoices by fax or e-mail, and store this information in a searchable archive.
  • Customer relations – Papirus can automatically send contracts and personalized business correspondence to customers, by fax, e-mail or SMS, using AS/400 data to fill in the name, address and other details.
  • Barcode – Papirus can add barcodes to payment notices and other documents.
  • Promotional materials – Papirus can automatically send out information about special offers, by fax or e-mail. Customers can be segmented by any field in the AS/400 database.


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Industrial & Construction



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