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Do I have to install Papirus on all PC stations running the AS/400 application?
No. Papirus is only installed on one PC, which acts as a server; all users access Papirus via this server. The server should also be installed with IBM Client Access and the relevant Microsoft applications (Word and/or Excel).

How do I design document formats?
Document formats are created and edited in Microsoft Word. No programming knowledge is needed.

Can I print output in remote locations (e.g. in other offices)?
Yes. You can print to a remote printer over the PC network, or over the AS/400 network.

Can I integrate signatures and barcodes into printouts?
Yes. This is done easily using the Microsoft Word template, assuming you own the relevant Papirus modules.

How can I send faxes through Papirus?
If you do not need to send large quantities of faxes, you can simply install a fax modem on the Papirus server, and purchase the Papirus Fax Module. Sanskrit can also provide a full-scale fax server, utilizing up to 24 phone lines.

Can I send faxes and emails automatically?
Yes, Papirus can take fax numbers and email addresses from the spool data, and use it to automatically send documents by fax or email.

How does the Papirus PC server communicate with the AS/400?
The Papirus sever uses IBM Client Access communications only.

What does the AS/400 end user see while using Papirus?
Papirus is completely transparent. AS/400 applications look and work the same as they do when Papirus is not in use.

Can Papirus produce Word documents from a dumb terminal?
The original AS/400 application may be run from dumb terminals as well as from emulation terminals. The document will be created and placed anywhere in the PC network.

Which Windows versions can run Papirus?
The PC component of the Papirus server runs best on Windows 95, 98, 2000 or Windows NT Workstation.

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