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About Us

Sanskrit Software Systems, Ltd., develops and markets output solutions for AS/400, and for other systems that provide basic data output with inflexible formatting.
The company’s flagship product, Papirus, turns IBM iSeries output into attractive, well-structured documents such as invoices, orders, labels and receipts, which in addition to raw data can contain company logos, graphics and marketing messages. Papirus templates are defined in Microsoft Word, so there is no need for AS/400 programming. The reformatted data can be printed on any printer and/or distributed automatically to e-mail, fax or SMS recipients.
Founded in 1998 as a joint venture between Dortal Systems and Noga Software Solutions, Sanskrit is a market leader in output management, with hundreds of installations worldwide in the insurance, pharmaceutical, retail, industrial and transport sectors.

Sanskrit’s modular solutions are used by small and large organizations alike, and can be adapted to meet special requirements. Customers in the company’s home market include the six largest insurance firms, the largest retail chain, the largest newspaper, the two largest medical services provider, the national railway company and the airports authority.


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